DEMYSTIFYING: Bridge Pose for Core Strength

Would you like to learn more about bridge pose? How to do it with great technique that releases tension in the back and strengthens your core and glutes at the same time.

In this episode of demystifying yoga with Stephanie, we look at a common yoga pose ~ Bridge pose, Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Sanskrit)

This is the way I like to teach bridge pose, pairing the engagement of your transverse abdominal muscles with the exhale, to help connect your body to a more intuitive way of breathing through a movement. Bridge pose is amazing for releasing tension through the lower back and supporting freer movement through the spine. You will also build strength through the thighs, glutes and increase pelvic stability.  

In the video we will start with pelvic tilting, moving with the breath, and finally we’ll be adding the block to assist with depth and endurance. 

I hope you enjoy this one! 

Stephanie WilliamsComment