DEMYSTIFYING: Alternate Nostril Breathing

In this video we will explore the pranayama practice of alternate nostril breathing in sanskrit this is called Anuloma Viloma or Nadi Shodhanana.

This is one of my favourite breathing practices as it allows a balancing and grounding of the mind. It helps to balance the yin and the yang within us or the left and right. It is great to use on a day that has been windy or turbulent, this could be physically is the weather or metaphorically is your world.

In this video I start with an inhale through the left nostril and end with an exhale through the left. This helps me to tap into the yin or more feminine side. If you would like to accentuate the yang within you or the masculine energy then you may start with inhaling through right and end with exhaling through the right.

Before you start you might like to take a body scan and see how you are feeling. After the practice taking another body scan to see if anything has changed or shifted.