Crow Pose - The Tan
I have always enjoyed the stretching side of yoga, but up until now have found that I would get a bit bored or not feel challenged enough, so yoga was not a priority for me. That has completely changed for me since being taught by Stephanie. Kalpita Yoga teaches a strong style of yoga, with lots of fun and challenging new poses to learn. Having Stephanie’s one on one attention has meant that in a short time I have been able to make progress in my techniques, and therefore I am starting to learn to do things that I’d never have dreamed of learning in a short space of time. Like headstands. Stephanie has made yoga fun, and I am getting a massive sense of achievement from it.
— Deb Newburn
Stephanie has been my riding instructor for about 3 years. I sought lessons with Stephanie as my riding confidence was at an all-time low and moving on to a forward moving horse after retiring my schoolmaster was scary stuff. Steph patiently worked with me to sort out my weak riding position and instil solid basic riding skills. Steph is able to tap into her student’s mood and tailor the lesson accordingly so that all lessons end with a sense of achievement. Steph also has the knack of being able to balance pushing her student outside of their comfort zone without totally scaring their pants off! While I will never consider myself a brave horse rider, my confidence has grown immensely under Stephanie’s instruction. I would highly recommend Steph to anyone
— Melissa Burton