Post-Natal Yoga

While the time after the birth of your bub is beautiful and rewarding, it can also be challenging as you seek to reconnect with yourself amidst recovery from your pregnancy and labour all while meeting the demands of a newborn.

Our programs allow you to gently reconnect and strengthen whilst nurturing your body during and after such an intensely emotional and physical period. Specific guidance tailored for you and your body can be started approx. 4-8 weeks after labour with your doctor’s clearance.

The sessions are flexible to suit your time and schedule and can incorporate your baby or be focused just on you.

The benefits of Post Natal yoga:

  • toning and strengthening of pelvic floor and abdominal muscles

  • upper body opening and strengthening to support the carriage of your baby and breast feeding

  • hip and lower back stability and release, easing back pain and instability from relaxin

  • relaxation and rejuvenation for vitality and presence

Our sessions are flexible and can work both if your baby is awake, we can include baby massage and yoga play with your baby, or if they are resting we can send more time on you.